The element Earth may take up just a small space in the Indian Ocean, but it is packed with exciting, exotic and enticing attractions for you to discover and be amazed by.


The element Water is omnipresent on and around any island. Our activities will take you out onto the Ocean, but also inland to discover hidden lakes, rivers and waterfalls.


The element Fire is reflected in the tropical cocktail of song, dance, arts and the various cultures which came together on this small island to create a steaming melting pot.


The element Air blows you away, into a realm of harmony and bliss, discovering the secrets of nature and touching the real meaning of the term “Island Paradise”.


Nativ Lodge

Combining great hospitality with a holistic touch, Nativ Lodge and Spa represents the color violet in our Rainbow.

Its 8 bungalows are surrounded by a large exotic garden; offering 4-star comfort in a historically and culturally very interesting part of Mauritius and conveniently close to the airport.
Guests can indulge in a massage at the spa, or enjoy a sumptuous meal “local style” at the restaurant by the river, with its great views, where concerts and events are also held.


Cetacean Watching

Meet the Mauritian Dolphins with respect and care

Are you eager to visit the famous dolphins on the West Coast of Paradise Island? Well,

unfortunately Tamarin Bay is no longer a paradise for them. Here are some facts you should know before planning your dolphin watching excursion in Mauritius, so you may meet them with a clear conscience and the satisfaction of having actively contributed to their wellbeing and safety.

  • Our Rainbow

    Our Rainbow combines the art of wholesome and inspired tourism with the preservation of our tropical island paradise, so you can protect the environment simply by enjoying your vacation.

  • Our Colours

    The colours of the Rainbow are symbols for our holistic approach; providing the benefit of spending an unforgettable and wholesome holiday in a thoroughly unique and healthy environment.

  • Our Trips

    Are you eager to discover the hidden beauty of paradise? Don’t waste precious time looking for adventure: trust our long standing experience in bringing you a host of exciting day-trips!


Danish Youth Group
Guide and dive instructor were excellent, always helpful. Dominique the best, and driver sweet with a big smile. Activities were totally great!

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When booking your holistic tropical island holiday, the first person you’ll encounter will be our reliable and knowledgeable reservations agent. Being just as dedicated to nature preservation as well as informed about all those highlights Mauritius has to offer, she will be the one to turn your Mauritius holiday into the best time you’ve ever had.

Our multilingual guides have one thing in common: their love for nature and their enthusiasm in showing the most beautiful and special places on their beloved island to their guests.

The guys who create your holidays. When we set out to create your holiday adventures, we first take time to get inspired by the natural beauty of our island, it's ever changing landscapes, and its abundance of nature and cultural activities. Combined, this represents our fertile incubator for the making of your perfect holiday.


The participants of this Rainbow Trip had a chance to dance with the best: World champion ballroom dancers Peter and Kristina Stokkebroe met with local Kathak matadors Sanedhip Bhimjee and Anna Patten; working out a stunning fusion dance.

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With The Rainbow IO you will discover all that makes Mauritius an Island Paradise.

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