The Rainbow Agents

Our Rainbow Agents are knowledgeable, inspired, highly discerning and creative professionals with a love for nature, a zest for adventure and the burning desire to share the Rainbow.
They might be international or local tour operators and DMC’s, travel agencies from all over the world or any other business active in the field of tourism.
Representing the Rainbow, they can enjoy various benefits, such as special fees, in-depth training, staff-training courses, special workshops and promotional materials exclusively handed out to them. Our Rainbow agents are hence highly motivated, utterly knowledgeable and as enthusiastic about your island vacation as you. They will be there for you to work out the best island vacation you could ever imagine, exactly matching your needs and desires, with the help of the Rainbow colours.
Because like you, they really care about nature, they will help you choose those lodgings and activities which actually support local businesses, NGO’s and Nature Preservation projects – which is, quite frankly, anything under our Rainbow!
By using the Rainbow template, they will help you find the hotel, lodge, B&B or guest house of your choice; making sure you can enjoy your desired activities, put in some special services, a bit of great sightseeing; an adventure tour or two, a bit of sports activities, combine it with fine dining and hence create your own personal Rainbow.

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With The Rainbow IO you will discover all that makes Mauritius an Island Paradise.

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