Reunion Island

Reunion is one of the youngest islands of the Indian Ocean , forged from the fusion of fire and water just 3 million years ago that created this jewel in the South-West of the Indian Ocean , just 230 km south-west of Mauritius. This tropical island offers unparalleled riches, enchanting all her visitors with a vista that is constantly evolving and offers up surprises, the least of which is the active volcano Piton-de-la-Fournaise, which erupts fairly regularly.
Throughout the previous centuries, the island has welcomed many visitors, including the Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch and British who stopped to replenish their food and water, until the French started to settle together with their servants from neighbouring Madagascar, 800 km to the west. To this day, Réunion remains a French overseas territory and maintains the same legal infrastructure and currency as France. This volcanic island covers an area of 2,500 km², and as well as its glowering volcano, the landscape is composed of two major mountain zones, the Cirque de Cilaos and the Cirque de Mafate. Réunion is also where you will find the highest point in the Indian Ocean , the imposing Piton des Neiges, which stands at 3,071 metres tall. The dramatic coastline is largely made up of magnificent cliffs and rocky beaches that have been eroded by the waves.
The sandy beaches are sheltered by the young coral reefs, that are barely 8,000 years old and over 30 km long and there is a magical abundance of flora and fauna in the ocean just waiting to be discovered, from the stunning corals to the tropical fish and other marine creatures. The wide variety of landscapes on offer from ancient forests and mountain terrains to sunny beaches and lagoons rich with coral, provides an even wider range of activities to enjoy from relatively sedate to the truly adrenalin fuelled. This wealth of pursuits can include anything from hiking, biking and climbing in the mountains or through the rich forests, to paragliding and parachuting over the breath-taking landscape to kayaking and aquatic canyoning in the sea.
But when it’s time to take a breather and relax, take a gentle stroll through nature and spot the exotic birds and wild orchids, or simply lie on the white sandy beaches and experience blissful tranquillity. One thing is certain, despite its diminutive size, visitors will never be bored with so many riches on offer and mysteries waiting to be unravelled on an island that welcomes you with open arms.

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