Madagascar Island

The name Madagascar itself conjures up images of the exotic, perhaps of strange and distant lands, of weird and wonderful animals, and unfamiliar plants and trees, all tinged with a hint of the unknown. This island that lies off the East Coast of continental Africa, is the very definition of ‘must-see’, with an incredible range of contrasts on offer that are more on a par with a continent. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, and has a bigger land mass than France!
When you visit Madagascar it is like stepping back in time with much of the island still unknown and unexplored. The diversity is endless, with a remarkable mix of people to encounter, places to visit and activities to enjoy. The Malagasy people are of African-Asian origin, making up 18 ethnic groups that speak a language that derives from Borneo and Polynesia, and the culture reflects the fascinating combination of its indigenous African-Asian, French colonial, Christian, and Middle Eastern influences which creates a welcoming aura of peace and kindness you are unlikely to experience elsewhere.
Madagascar is one of the richest in bio-diversity in the world, with an abundance of endemic flora and fauna. Plants and animals have yielded the benefits of being isolated for so long, allowing them to evolve into many unique and even bizarre species! Travelling in Madagascar through its varied landscape is more than just rewarding as you venture from lush tropical rainforests, to high, dry and cool or even cold, mountain plateaus; it is a truly unique and inspiring experience. And speaking of unique, you will not want to miss the spectacular ‘Avenue of the Baobabs’, and take in the sight of the endemic Baobab trees that line a dirt road in the Menabe region in western Madagascar and is one of the most visited sites on the island.
This fascinating island offers a great variety of activities and places to visit, ranging from discovering the historical sites and bustling markets of the cities, to exploring the fascinating National Parks and forests, or enjoy water sports like snorkelling or scuba diving in the coral reefs at some of the coastal towns. There are also a wide range of excellent accommodation choices in Madagascar to suit any budget, particularly in the capital Antananarivo and in Antsirabé, Nosy Bé, and Fort Dauphin.
You will not want to miss out on this truly unique island, exotic and mesmerising Madagascar is waiting for you…

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