The language of colours

The flaming banner of the rainbow is a veritable message in the sky, which has intrigued people since the beginning of time; it’s meaning that of joy and wonder. Picking up on that theme; and eager to find a holistic symbol with a strong message for our way of doing the things we do, we naturally came across this nature-phenomenon. It is not due to pure coincidence that we chose the rainbow as our symbol. As a Mauritian based company, the Hindu chakra system as a power concept and the fact that we are part of a Rainbow Nation certainly inspired us. Being worldly and interested in new and exciting things, the message of the colours easily convinced us to put our company under the umbrella of the Rainbow.
But how does the language of colours actually work?
According to modern science as well as old mythology, there are 7 main centres or chakras, their colours corresponding with the main colours in a spectrum ranging from deep red to deep violet-magenta. Every one of us therefore contains the entire spectrum of the rainbow. This is an amazing truth and after having digested it, we were absolutely eager to convert that ancient wisdom and mythical symbolism into a new concept of of sustainable tourism.
So we had our team of experts working on it, transforming the rainbow into an easy-to-understand and fun power-tool indicating lifestyle-preferences, holiday experience, accommodation description and hotel rating.
The language of colours as translated into LRT:
Our Rainbow ranges from red through orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue and royal blue right to violet on the top.
Red stands for a lively spirit and much going on. Red accommodations might be set in a bustling city environment or a large hotel with a wide range of sports and outdoors-activities, for a great price.
Orange stands for pleasure and fun, a family place, in a beautiful setting with good and ample food, where the body finds lush pleasures and certainly some spacious surroundings, for a bargain.
Yellow is the colour of joy, so its accommodations or activities will be easy going, fun-oriented, with much to see, do and enjoy, in a city or beach environment, for a price that makes you happy too.
Green is the colour of plants and trees; any nature-activity, secluded cottage in the woods and with related activities; for those who value nature as the absolute luxury.
Turquoise is the colour of creativity, communications and the Ocean. Think about a beach hotel, any Ocean activities, workshops and seminars, with style and in a middle-to upper class environment.
Blue stands for structure, communication, peace and control. Blue may encompass themed hotels or excursions, a high standard of accommodation with ample service and quality.
Violet is the uppermost category of the Rainbow, where the word luxury is not only spelt in superior quality of room, food and entertainment, but also in advanced spiritual and holistic services.

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