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Bearing the carbon footprint in mind and knowing many more pleasurable activities than extensive driving while sweating, we have come up with the Four Corners. True to its name, this family friendly concept showcases a range of carefully selected services and attractions equally present in the various regions of the island.
Tourists might not be aware that small island paradises have their own rush hours. But we from the Rainbow are acutely aware of the stress and fatigue this might bring about for those unaccustomed to the tropical heat. We can certainly offer you much better than getting stuck in traffic.
Our Four Corners concept actually features those hidden island highlights, which you could have easily missed in search of the big adventure. Some of them might even be within walking distance from your holiday accommodation.
On top of that, getting there fast and easy allows you to spend your time at your own pace without having to worry about the last bus home or how to get a transport. You might enjoy yourself longer, better, might even make personal acquaintances and get to know your hosts and your surroundings more profoundly. There are so many exciting details about islands, easy to miss when whizzing by on a high speed vehicle.
The Four Corners concept works especially well for those travelling with children, planning to hike or rent a bicycle. However, short-term and regional visitors, as well as those who simply want to take it easy during their holiday will enjoy this environment friendly approach.

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